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Hespress from RabatSunday, November 13, 2022 – 8:21 pm

The Nationwide Council of the Moroccan Notary Authority mentioned it had convened to debate what it referred to as a “harmful novelty” represented by “a press release by the Minister of Justice earlier than members of the Committee on Justice, Laws and Human Rights within the Home of Representatives, during which he confirmed that the Ministry of Justice had agreed grant Adul the correct to obtain and obtain contributions.”

The Nationwide Council of the Moroccan Notary Group, in a press release obtained by Hespress, “strongly condemned what the minister mentioned relating to his help in acquiring revocation of deposits, which traditionally is the unique jurisdiction of notaries.”

And he expressed “an absolute and absolute refusal to create a occupation parallel to the occupation of notaries, by vesting unique powers of notaries in favor of another occupation, and an entire and irreversible refusal to amass a draft legislation on the occupation of notaries, deposited with the Ministry of Justice, and their use for the advantage of the justice occupation.”

An announcement signed by Hisham Sabry, head of the Nationwide Council of the Moroccan Notary Group, states that “A notary is a notary, justice is honest, and the contradiction between the 2 professions consists of not solely the identify, but in addition the competence, content material, capability, group and safety of people and transactions “.

The Nationwide Council of Notarial Administration of Morocco referred to as on the Ministry of Justice to “refuse to make use of the invoice on the notaries, positioned in its palms as a belief, within the pursuits of the notary occupation”, emphasizing “its dedication to take all mandatory measures to guard the unique competence of the notary and its associates, ruthlessly and uncompromisingly and desperately to suppress all types of wrestle.”

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